User Charter

What you need to know about using our services

The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust is committed to supporting the Educational, Clinical,  and Research work of the Trust by providing a high-quality, user-focused and innovative service. In return we seek a commitment from users that they will assist us in doing so by cooperating with library initiatives.

Library's Commitment

  1. To consult with users regularly and proactively.
  2. To provide one hard copy of all core texts plus online access to core readings via the electronic reading list system (subject to copyright)
  3. To provide physical, electronic and audiovisual collections chosen to support the learning, teaching, research and clinical work of the Trust.
  4. To ensure fair access to resources and services for all library users via an equitable collection management policy
  5. To provide a range of facilities to ensure equal access to library resources and services for disabled people.
  6. To empower users to access information effectively by providing library inductions and a range of information skills training to support all users throughout their time at the Trust.
  7. To provide an informative, user-friendly and accessible website.
  8. To provide an online catalogue for users to remotely view their loan records, reserve or renew items, submit changes of address and suggest book purchases.
  9. To provide online services 365 days a year excepting system failure and scheduled maintenance programmes.
  10. To provide advice, guidance and enquiry services face to face, over the telephone and online.
  11. To provide a Personal Librarian Service for Trust staff and students.
  12. To proactively develop services in response to evolving technology and user information needs – Subject and Information Skills  Blogs
  13. To alert users to new services, service improvements and any variations in service availability.
  14. To publicise library services using a variety of media.
  15. To provide and maintain in good working order, photocopying, IT and related equipment for information retrieval and the use of library resources.
  16. To post out books and journal articles to National Centre students and tutors on request.
  17. To provide a pleasant, safe and secure environment conducive to study and research.
  18. To provide procedures for comments, suggestions and complaints.
  19. To keep users up-to-date  in their  fields of  interests with the use of Social Media

User Commitment

  1. To ensure the library has your correct contact details and to inform staff promptly of any changes to these.
  2. To read library notices, web alerts, email messages and any other means by which the library publishes news of service variations and developments.
  3. To acquire, develop and maintain proficient skills in the use of digital information tools making full use of our online tutorials in order to effectively use library resources.
  4. To use the online catalogue facilities whenever possible.
  5. To use online facilities appropriately and comply with all software licensing agreements.
  6. To comply with copyright law when photocopying, printing or downloading information. Details are displayed at copiers and printers. If in doubt please ask a member of staff.
  7. To attend library training sessions as appropriate and take advantage of the self-directed training opportunities available in order to develop as an independent learner.
  8. To help us improve our services by responding to library surveys and offering feedback in person or via the library website.
  9. To ask a member of staff if you need help finding information or any other assistance.
  10. To consider other library users by promptly returning and collecting loan items.
    Users who repeatedly break this commitment by failing to return loans items promptly could have their access to library services suspended or withdrawn permanently (see Loans Policy and Process for Suspension/Exclusion from the Library below)
  11. To treat library property with respect and take all reasonable steps to safeguard loan items from damage.
    Please note a standard replacement fee of £50.00 will be charged for items lost or damaged whilst in borrowers’ care.
  12. To ask library staff if you are unsure how to operate a piece of equipment and inform them of any malfunctions or damage.
  13. To refrain from eating, drinking (apart from water ), talking loudly, playing music or using your mobile phone within the library.
  14. To refrain from using mobile devices such as tablets/laptops in the designated quiet study room.
  15. To let us know when the service goes wrong for you.

Library strategy 2019-2022

The library has developed a strategy to help us best support students, staff and external members. Download the library strategy document for 2019-2022.

Loans Policy and Process for Suspension/Exclusion from the Library

Users have an obligation to return items promptly and are responsible for reading library communications and ensuring their contact details are up to date (points 1, 2 and 10 of the Users’ commitment refer).

Failure to return loans over a lengthy period of time jeopardises the library’s ability to honour its commitment to “ensure fair access to resources and services for all library users via an equitable collection management policy”.

In the case of unreturned/overdue interlibrary loan items this not only incurs substantial additional costs for the library service, the British Library charges a £115.00 plus VAT replacement cost per item not returned within 12 weeks (more may be charged if the item is particularly expensive to replace) but ultimately risks the permanent withdrawal of interlibrary services by the British Library and other interlibrary loan providers.

Loans Policy

  1. The library has a generous loans policy and does not charge fines for overdue loans.
  2. Loan items may be borrowed for one month and renewed twice (unless reserved by another reader).  This gives borrowers up to 3 months before items are recalled.
  3. Interlibrary items may be borrowed for 3 weeks and renewed for a further 3 weeks, giving users up to 6 weeks usage.
  4. Users who do not return loan items within 14 days of receiving an overdue or recall notice receive an invoice letter.  At this point the library system bars their account.
  5. They then have 14 days to return or pay the replacement fee for the outstanding item(s) before their access to Shibboleth is suspended and their names passed to Finance for recovery of the debt.
  6. Users whose accounts are fully suspended three times or more risk permanent exclusion from the library.

Student Members

  1. Course tutors of students referred to Finance will be notified at this stage and requested to speak to the user about their behaviour
  2. If a student’s privileges are withdrawn a second time the course tutor plus the Dean will be notified and will meet with the student to express concern about their repeated failure to comply with library policies.
  3. Any student whose privileges are withdrawn a third time will be permanently excluded from the library.

Privacy Policy

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