Subject Guides

The library has developed these Guides in order to help our users to keep up-to-date in their subject areas. The Guides are a current snapshot of information in specific subject areas and are not intended to be a definitive coverage of these subject areas. We have included videos, podcasts, newsreels, scholarly articles from PsycINFO and Google Scholar and current articles from journals. New information is being fed onto the pages hourly, daily or weekly. Why not have a look at your particular subject area and let us know what you think.

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Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

Child Development
Child Protection
Cultural Psychology
Eating Disorders
Educational Psychology
Family Nurse Partnership
Forensic Psychology
Learning and Complex Disabilities
Looked after Children
National Institute for Clinical and Care Excellence
Organisational and Group Psychotherapy
Personality Disorders
Psychotherapeutic Studies
Social Work
Systemic and Family Therapy

Pod vertical

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