Studying at home

We’ve compiled a range of resources to help you while you’re studying at home. Let us know if you come across anything that’s helped you and we’ll be happy to share it. Email your suggestions to

Illustration of a person working on their sofa

opens in a new windowHow to study at home

Article from The Guardian with tips on how to study effectively from home, according to students and tutors with experience of learning and teaching online. Click here to read the article.

opens in a new windowManaging screen time

A short podcast by occupational therapist Lucy Swift on how to set up your working space and manage your time on screen.

opens in a new windowBeing proactive as an online student

Lexy Moscinski, student success coach with Pearson Online Learning Service, describes how to be proactive, present and purposeful when studying at home. opens in a new windowClick here to read more.

opens in a new windowPractice wellbeing

Advice and links to resources for helping students, instructors and researchers maintain wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic. opens in a new windowVisit the page on Social Science Space.

opens in a new windowZoom for online meetings

Playlist of short YouTube videos teaching you how to use the online meeting tool Zoom.

opens in a new windowOffice for Students guide

Online page with advice around the coronavirus  and higher education from the Office for Students. opens in a new windowClick here to visit the OfS website.

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