Student Feedback

The Library staff were very pleased to see that overall our scores in the last annual student feedback were very high.

  • 91% said  ‘The library resources and services are relevant for my needs’
  • 96% said  ‘I have been able to access the library’s resources whenever I need to’
  • 89% said  ‘The physical library environment is suitable for my needs’

We also asked for comments during the survey, and we take these very seriously. We look at all of them to see where we can make improvements to your experience of being a student here at the Trust, However sometimes it isn’t practical, or even possible, to make changes.
We’ve summarised the key comments below and our responses to them, which we hope you’ll find useful and positive.

What last year's students said about:

Books and E-Books

Students said:

  • We want more print books
  • We want more copies of certain key texts
  • We want more e-books
  • We don’t want e-books
  • We want everything to be electronic

Our response:

The comments are mixed and reflect the competing demands we try to balance. We are in fact increasing the number of e-books that we purchase, while buying new relevant print books. Key texts would normally be on reference, an e-book, or full-text chapter. Also your tutor may request that you purchase some key material. We don’t have an infinite budget so having lots of extra copies of the same text may mean we can’t purchase new material, which is also needed.

Copyright law limits what we can provide full-text, and also how much of a book can be downloaded depends on the publisher. We make everything we can available in electronic format.

Don’t forget you can suggest new books via the Library catalogue. So please let us know if you think a certain book should be in the Library collection.

Library Space

Students said:

  • We want more quiet space
  • We want more space for computers
  • We want more group space

Our response:

Unfortunately, we are limited in terms of space, and because space is at a premium in the Trust we are unlikely to be able to expand.

By going e-only with our journals collection we were able to create the Computer Cluster Room with more computers than we had previously and more study space out in the main library. However, we have been thinking about how we can increase the provision of computers and will be purchasing some laptops that can be lent out in the Library at busy times.

We do have a quiet study area in the Book Room, where laptops, tablets etc are forbidden!

The area in the main library area is really for students wanting to use mobile technology or who don’t require a very quiet space to work. Because of the layout of the Library and where the enquiry desk is situated, there may be times when the enquiry desk can get a bit noisy. Let us know, we won’t mind at all. You could try the Study Pod if you want to go somewhere quieter.

Reading Lists

Students said:

  • Lists not always available on time
  • Lists are often changed by lecturers after the link to them is posted on Moodle
  • Not everything on the lists are available electronically

Our response:

Quite often, these problems are out of our control, as we produce lists as and when we are given them. Sometimes, for very good reasons, lecturers are unable to stick to our deadlines or want to update or change a list that we have already posted a link to on MOODLE. When changes happen, the Reading List Team always post an explanatory message on MOODLE.

We link to everything that we can legally link to electronically, which is about 90% of your readings. Where we can’t, we almost always have a Reference Copy of the book or a copyright-cleared copy of an article that you are able to photocopy.

But do let us or your tutor know if these changes are making you feel worried or that you weren’t able to read something in time for your lecture, seminar or tutorial.

Electronic Resources

Students said:

  • The main issue was that they are difficult to use

Our response:

We totally understand this and Aurelie, our Information Skills Trainer, has set up a really good Help Resource on Blogger. This has lots of videos, presentations etc to try to make things less complicated. 

Aurelie also offers lots of very good face-to-face training that should be an integral part of  your curriculum. So if your tutor hasn’t organised any training, do contact them or let Aurelie know that a group of you want some training and she will contact your tutor to arrange this. Unfortunately, she is unable to offer one-to-one training due to time constraints.

To try and make using our resources simpler, we recently purchased Discovery, which is an amazing new resource that allows you to search all of our collections in one search box. See the dark blue box under the moving images on the Library Home Page.

General Comments

Students said:

  • ‘Library and staff excellent!’
  • ‘I have found the Librarians Useful’
  • ‘The Library staff are really helpful’
  • ‘Excellent Library facilities, help and support’
  • ‘Supportive, excellent library resources’
  • ‘Library facilities useful, online papers good’
  • ‘Library lectures extremely informative and helpful’
  • ‘Teaching for citing (references) was excellent’
  • ‘Online Journals/e-books very good’
  • ‘Electronic Library resources + electronic readings are excellent and very helpful’
  • ‘Stimulating, demanding access to academic resources’
  • … and there were lots more!

Our response:

We’re glad so many students were happy with the service they received from the Library, and when anyone took the time to single out individual staff for praise, we’ve been sure to pass on their comments.

We can see from some of the comments made during the survey that many users don’t always realise that we do have access to some of the resources or services that they thought were lacking. This means we need to improve how we let students about them, so we’ll be looking at new marketing ideas for all our resources.

So please do let us know if you have any problems with any of our services. You can email, call 020 8938 2520 or better still contact your Personal librarian

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