Print from a library PC

See below for instructions on how to print from one of the library student PCs, or you can read about printing on this PDF file. 

At a library PC

Printer options showing Print Me

To print, use the File > Print option as usual and you’ll see that EFI PrintMe is automatically selected. Check the number of copies and other settings. 


Screen showing printing option on library PC

After sending a document to print, you’ll see a PrintMe screen. You’ll be asked for an email address but you can click Skip as you don’t need to enter one when printing from a library PC.


Printer code on screen

When your document has been successfully sent for printing, you’ll see a code on the PC screen. Make a note of this as you’ll need this code to retrieve your document.

printer payment terminal

Now you’ll need to go to either of the library student printers and use the self-service controller to retrieve your printing. Read below for how to do this. 

At a library printer

Start screen of print controller showing options

Go to the controller screen on one of the library printers and choose ‘Print’, then click ‘PrintMe’. 

Login options on Print Me controller

To start the payment process, tap or swipe your debit or credit card on the card reader. Disabled members use a different process – find out more. 

Retrieve document screen with keypad for code

Type in the retrieval code you noted or had emailed to you. You can also scan the barcode from the retrieval code message.

Select a PDF to print from cloud services

Select the document you want to print by tapping it on screen. 

printing copy and colour options

Choose your number of copies, paper size, whether you want black-and-white or colour and double or single sided. You can even select which pages of the document you’d like to print but the default is to print all pages.

screen showing cost of print job

The options you’ve selected and the cost of the job appear on screen. Please check carefully before clicking ‘Print’ as we can’t refund mistakes.
If you need to change any settings, click ‘Back’. Click ‘Cancel’ to stop.

Confirmation screen for document sent to printer

Once your document has printed, you can click ‘Do More Work’ to continue with other jobs. Otherwise, click ‘End Session’. It’s important to click ‘End Session’ so you don’t end up paying for other people’s copying or printing!


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