Returning loan items

Parcel with labelIf you’re able to visit the Tavistock Centre personally, you can drop your items in the Book Returns box just outside the Library on the ground floor. This is emptied regularly.

Alternatively, if you need to post loan items back to us, either because you no longer need them, they’ve been placed on hold by another library member or you’ve completed your course, then please follow the steps below.

Sending back books using our Freepost label

  • Click the button at the bottom of this page to get our Freepost label and download it to your device. Using the label means you won’t have to pay postage to return items within the UK.
  • Print out the label in portrait and then cut or fold the top and bottom margins of the label using the four corner markers as a guide.
  • Don’t cut, mark or write in any other part of the label.
  • If you need us to confirm that we’ve received the package, put a note in with the package.
  • Place the items for return in a suitable protective package such as a padded (Jiffy-style) bag and seal. If re-using a package, it must not have any other labels or markings on it.
  • Attach the label in the centre of the package firmly with either transparent adhesive tape or glue.
  • Take the package to your nearest Post Office and be sure to ask for a receipt or proof of posting as you would need that if the book gets lost in transit. Alternatively you can just post it, but without the receipt you may be liable to pay for a replacement copy of any lost book.
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