Accessing book chapters from PEP Archive

The database hosts many classic psychoanalytic texts

Volumes of Sigmund Freud's Complete Works

What is the PEP Archive?

The PEP Archive is a valuable resource of full-text psychoanalytic papers, and includes

  • journal articles from key psychoanalytic journals going back to 1913
  • classic psychoanalytic books, including the complete Freud’s Standard Edition

Some of the papers on your reading list may be book chapters that are available full-text in the PEP Archive.

Help logging in to PEP

To access papers on your reading lists that are available in PEP Archive:

  • Click on the ‘View weblink’ icon next to the reading
  • At the EBSCO Shibboleth login screen, select ‘UK Higher Education’ from the drop down menu
  • then select ‘Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust’ from the list of institutions.
  • If you are already logged into Moodle, you should be taken directly to the article, if you are accessing your reading list outside of Moodle (ie directly from the Online Reading List website) you will be taken to the Tavistock’s Institutional login page where you will need to enter your Shibboleth/Institutional login.

You should now be redirected to the online citation and abstract of the papers that you selected, click on the HTML-Full Text link.

Links to full-text chapters

Wherever possible on your reading list we have linked directly to the book chapter in the PEP Archive, however if this option is not available we have provided a link to the entire book so that you can still access your course readings online.

Where the weblink  in your reading list takes you to the entire book you will need to scroll down beyond the title information to the Contents on the left-hand side of the page and click on the Chapter Heading that you need.

Printing - beware!

Please be careful when printing out selections from the PEP Archive, there is a danger that you will print out the entire book.

To print out a section of the text

  • highlight the section that you want
  • Choose Print from your browser (not the Printer icon in the PEP Archive)
  • In the Page Range section choose ‘Selection’
  • This should just print out the section that you highlighted.
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