Macmillan Explorers ebooks

Try out this new service to read online versions of key titles such as Internal Racism, Cite Them Right and Working With Adolescents And Young Adults, as well as collections on social work and literature. Our online trial lasts until 31st August, so go to the Macmillan Explorers website and get reading today!

Video guide

A quick introduction to help you get started with Macmillan Explorers ebooks

Bookshelf app

You need the VitalSource Bookshelf app to read Macmillan Explorers ebooks on phones and tablets. You can download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play, or visit the VitalSource download page. The Bookshelf app doesn’t allow you to search for books, so you first need to find items on the Macmillan website. Once you’ve got a book added to your Bookshelf app, you can read it offline. Our trial of the service ends on 31st August and any books you download to your bookshelf will no longer be available to you after that date if the library doesn’t sign up to the service.

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