Membership for CPD and short courses

Some CPD and short courses include online library membership, which offers access to databases, ebooks and journals, as well as reference use of printed material on the library premises. Click here for details of what membership includes. If you’re unsure whether your course includes library services, see the list below or email us on

Courses including online library membership

  • CPD3 Mindfulness
  • CPD7 Introduction to psychodynamic and systemic practice applications in work with young people and adults
  • CPD14 Workshops for named child protection professionals
  • CPD16 Designated Nurse Workshops
  • CPD20 Best Interest Assessors
  • CPD21 Reflective practice for people working with clients who have experienced HCSA
  • CPD23 Leadership and management in the public and voluntary sectors: a systemic perspective
  • CPD28 Child development research for professionals working with children, young people and families
  • CPD32 Supervision for staff working in schools and community contexts: working relationally and reflectively
  • CPD36 Working with and facilitating groups
  • CPD37 Professional development course for child psychotherapist service supervisors
  • CPD39a Disturbing and challenging behaviour: issues for looked after children, young people and their families
  • CPD44 Managing, supervising and facilitating groups in the workplace
  • CPD49 The task of supervision for child psychotherapists
  • CPD50 An introduction to working with people with eating disorders and body dysmorphia
  • CPD54 Couples as parents and parents as couples
  • CPD57 Working with families with physical illness
  • CPD64 Developing a diverse child and adolescent workforce: an introductory course (also includes book borrowing)
  • CPD66 Working with couples
  • CPD70 Introducing psychoanalytic ideas on violence, delinquency and sexual deviation
  • CPD75 Foundations in psychodynamic approaches to risk and complexity
  • CPD77 Nursing in mind
  • CPD83 Facilitating Reflective Practice Groups Training
  • CPD91h Infant Observation Short Course for Perinatal Practitioners
  • CPD93 Family Observation Module
  • CPD97a Infant Observation Module
  • CPD98 Work discussion for graduates of psychoanalytic observational studies
  • CPD116 Talking to Children about Difficult Things: Understanding emotional communication in challenging and turbulent contexts
  • D35 Working with refugee people and their families
  • eCPD94 Families and beyond – an introduction to systemic thinking
  • eCPD101 Understanding development – adolescence
  • P5 Foundations in psychodynamic approaches to risk and complexity
  • P20 Assessing risk: a relational approach
  • PC4 Development of Psychoanalytic Theory
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