Reading list information for tutors

Guidance on when and how to submit reading list requests

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COVID-19 Update

Although the Library building is currently closed and staff are working remotely, we’re confident that we will be able to provide online reading lists for your courses on time providing tutors stay in touch and keep us informed about any changes.

To help us do this we have asked tutors to choose between the following two options:

Option 1 – Minor changes to reading lists

  • If you are only planning minor changes we will renew your lists for this year and re-check copyright permissions
  • If your list is organised by lecture/seminar we will keep the same order as this year, and will leave the titles/lecturer’s names but remove the dates.  The lectures/seminar details and order are usually quick to update and we can make these closer to the start of term
  • Please let us know if you are happy for us to publish your reading lists so that returning students can access their new lists over the summer vacation (we will make it clear that these reading lists may be subject to minor revisions and change in seminar order)
  • We will contact you for your updated timetable at the beginning of September if we haven’t received it
  • Please keep in mind that if you have unexpected last minute changes we may not be able to make these in time for the start of term

Option 2 – Significant changes to reading lists

  • ​​if you are planning significant changes please send your updated reading list to by Friday 9th July
  • If you anticipate problems meeting the deadline please get in touch as soon as possible with an estimated date so that we can schedule the work, but please keep in mind that the later you send us your changes the less likely that your reading list will be ready in time for the start of the academic year.
  • If you think that this might be a problem please let us know, we will work with you to try to find a solution.

Additional things to note:

  • Adding new papers to your list – please highlight any new papers that you add to your reading list so that we can check them quickly for you and advise you if we can’t provide them.​
  • Scanned papers – If you are planning to add new papers to your reading list please keep in mind that there may be delays in providing scanned copies depending on our access to the print collection, we will notify you if we anticipate this being a problem for your list.
  • Print only copies – Very occasionally we provide photocopies of papers that are excluded from our scanning licence, please bear in mind that we may not be able to offer this service.  We will advise you if this is the case with any of the papers on your list and will try to give you enough time to find an alternative paper if necessary
  • Inclusive reading lists – If you are looking for references to make your reading lists more inclusive take a look at our opens in a new windowDiversity Resources lists,   and let us know if you want to add any of the materials to your lists
  • Links to this year’s reading lists – if you would like us to send you a direct link to your current reading list/s please email ​to let us know which ones you need
  • Meeting to discuss updates – if you would find it helpful to talk on the phone/via Zoom to discuss next year’s reading lists please let us know, Theresa, Mat and I will be very happy to do this, it can save a lot of emails!

Updating your Reading Lists

Please make sure that you have sent us any new and updated lists by Friday 9th July, lists received after this date are very unlikely to be ready in time for the start of term.  If you don’t need to make any changes to your list please let us know and we will re-issue it for next year.  Please note that lists are not automatically renewed, we can only re-issue a reading list if you confirm that you require it for next year’s teaching.

Please email your updated reading list to,  It will help us a lot if you can include seminar dates/titles and highlight any changes you have made to previous years’ lists.

Some Guidelines

Wherever possible we will provide electronic access to book chapters and journal articles directly from your Online Reading List – this may be in the form of links to ebooks and ejournals, or a scanned chapter or article if we don’t have an online version.  Due to the demand for this service we are only able to scan readings that are marked as ‘Essential’ or ‘Required’ (please see copyright note below)

Please check your opens in a new windowonline reading lists to see how students access their course readings, you can also check to see which of the readings are available to read online or can be downloaded from the reading list.

Full-text articles, chapters and books which are available electronically will have hyperlinked titles, and will also have one or both of these icons next to the title:

full text icon webpage link icon

If your list is organised by seminar/blocks please include session details, such as Date, Seminar Title, and Tutor. If you don’t have all of this information yet please send us your reading list anyway as these details can be updated when the sessions have been confirmed.

Please indicate which books, if any, you would like us to add to the Reference Collection -wherever possible we will try to have at least one additional loan copy.  If a title is available as an ebook we wouldn’t normally add a print copy to the Reference collection, unless it is likely to be in high demand for several courses.

Please indicate which books, if any, you would expect the students to Purchase

Adding New References

If you are adding any new items to the reading list please make sure that you include the following information.

      • Book
        author or editor – title – publisher – year
      • Book Chapter
        chapter author – chapter title – book author or editor – book title – publisher – year – page numbers
      • Journal Article
        author – article title – journal title – year – volume no. – issue no. – page numbers
      • Website
        title – url
      • TV programme/film
        title – version (if applicable) – broadcast date (if known)


As always we have to comply with our HE Copying and Digitization Licence, the main points to note are:

  • Only one chapter or 10% of the total number of pages from a book, or one article from a journal issue may be scanned for a course module – if you have included more than one chapter from a book in your list please indicate which one you would like us to scan
  • We cannot scan multiple chapters from a book for use in different terms of the same course module  For example we would not be able to provide a scanned chapter from a book for Year 1, Theory Term 1, and Year 1, Theory Term 3. (the only exception would be where the total number of pages scanned is less than 10% of the book)
  • However, if a book is available electronically we can link to more than one chapter as it may be read online

Please see our opens in a new window Copyright webpages for more information about our HE Copying and Digitization Licence, including good practice guides for academic staff


The deadline for returning updated lists to us for the 2021/22 academic year is Friday 9th July. Lists received by this date will receive priority treatment and will include links to full-text papers as outlined above, those received after the deadline are unlikely to be ready in time for the start of term, and will not include scanned items unless we have already digitised them.

If you anticipate any problems meeting the deadline let us know as soon as possible, you can contact the Reading List Team by email,

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