Free COVID-19 resources

A selection of freely available services and material designed to aid research into the effects of COVID-19, plus other more general resources made free during the crisis.


LitCovid curated literature

Helps you track information published since the COVID-19 outbreak. Articles are updated daily and categorised by location and different topics, so you can find material on opens in a new windowmental health opens in a new window,  opens in a new windowanxiety, opens in a new windowdepression and more. Includes material from publishers such as Wiley, Taylor & Francis, Elsevier, Emerald, Sage, Springer Nature and Oxford University Press.

UNICEF Children and COVID-19 Research

UNICEF’s new curated online library aims to enable access to the latest scientific research on the effects of the current pandemic on children and adolescents. The current focus of the UNICEF library is on the socio-economic impacts, drawing largely from empirical research in social science literature, as well as the organisation’s own work.

COVID-19 Initiative

A collaboration between publishers and the US National Library of Medicine to expand access to coronavirus-related articles via the PubMed Central database. Content may pre-date the current outbreak and include material on SARS and MERS. Mostly biomedical, but we’ve identified some articles on the psychological impacts of the disease.

ProQuest Research

Provides access to authoritative Coronavirus-related content on ProQuest that might not be normally covered by the usual Tavistock and Portman Library subscription (including articles on Springer Nature, Taylor & Francis and The BMJ). You’ll be able to find material on opens in a new windowmental health, opens in a new windowanxiety, opens in a new windowdepression and more. Shibboleth login required.

Individual publishers

American Psychiatric Association

Resources aimed at psychiatrists, healthcare workers and the public. Mainly blogs and fact sheets, with a focus on the USA.

American Psychological Association

Resources aimed at psychologists, healthcare workers and the public. Mainly blogs and factsheets, with a focus on the USA.

EBSCO COVID-19 Information

Aggregates real-time information updates from authoritative sources to provide information on all aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Health Education England

Health Education England (HEE) Library and Knowledge Services have compiled a selection of COVID-19 information resources.

Health Service Journal

The HSJ online news service has temporarily made its coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic free to access. Requires free registration.

Social Science Space

The Social Science Space website from Sage has links to free content, although some items might not be covered by our library subscription.

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