Our impact on your work

Library users and Trust staff show how the library supports studying, research and clinical work, as well as the wider aims of the Trust

The library’s vision

The library supports the work of the Trust, building on existing strengths and balancing resources to maintain and improve a quality of service that befits the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust The Library will continue to:

  • Enrich the user experience by providing services and resources that meet the changing profile and increasingly high expectations of our users.
  • Transform its physical space to continue to meet the needs of all our users.
  • Engage new audiences.
  • Be staffed by a workforce whose skills continue to keep pace with change.
  • Balance the collection by continuing to purchase materials relating to Race, Class, Gender and Diversity.

What Trust executives say about the library

‘Proactive and supportive’

Sally HodgesSally Hodges, Clinical Chief Operating Officer: Our library is extremely proactive in supporting learning, by helping individuals undertaking trainings, ensuring that new publications are advertised and promoted as needed, and that staff and students can access the material they need 24 hours a day.​’

‘Embedded in our work’

Brian Rock, Dean of Postgraduate Studies: As library staff regularly attend meetings, workshops and other events, they feed directly into the interests of the Trust. They are also asked to pilot projects, as their technical skills enable them to take part. The service is embedded into the work of this Trust.

‘Critical for our business’

Dinesh SinhaDinesh Sinha, Medical Director: The library plays a vital role in supporting our work and allows our clinical workforce to have access to the latest developments in new clinical models and theoretical advances in their fields. The library service remains critical to the business of the Trust.

Some of the essential services that can help you


‘The library’s repository is a vital resource not just for current students, but in terms of dissemination and achieving research impact’​
Prof Andrew Cooper​, Director of Family Therapy and Systemic ​ Research Centre

The library’s Staff Publications Online repository makes doctoral research and other material available Open Access to maximise reach and impact, promoting the Trust’s work worldwide​.

Illustration of book shelves

‘The reading list service is invaluable, from saving lots of time for students through to intensive work tracking down high-quality research papers’​
Dr Emma-Kate Kennedy,  Deputy Programme Director

The library provides more than 400 online reading lists ​a year for over 50 courses, with full-text links for extra convenience for students and staff.​

EBSCO ebooks available online

‘One-to-one referencing training allowed time to openly talk through concerns. It helped me be more confident in my assignments. It’s invaluable!’
Doctoral student 

Our Information Skills Trainer offers individual and group training to help with literature searching, referencing and more.

Man standing next to rainbow painting

‘Collecting and promoting Equity, Diversity and Inclusions resources is helping teaching staff make their curricula more inclusive’
Dr Paul Dugmore, Associate Dean

Library staff are creating subject pages on Class, Disability, Intersectionality, LGBTQI+ and Race to help the Trust meet its objectives around equity.​


‘Personal Librarians reduce stress for students and save time for our teaching staff so they can maximise their capability’
Dr Simon Tucker, Associate Organising Tutor

The Personal Librarian service gives staff and students ​a named contact and targeted support, to meet the evolving needs of individuals and departments.​

Main photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels

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